Hello. I am Catherine E. White, seaside bohemian, and co-founder of Llamagraphics, Inc., indy software developer of the app Life Balance for iPhone, Mac and Windows. (Newton and Palm before that!) But just like YOU, I am a multi-faceted person with a lot of different interests.1

My blog is (very loosely) about time management and the balance between work and play.

If you need:

  • a quiet moment to relax in the middle of a busy day
  • to jiggle your thinking loose when you get stuck
  • a gentle push to keep working
  • a reminder to go play sometimes
  • some encouragement to ignite your creative spark

…You’ve come to the right place!

More specifically, just like the Life Balance app, the life-balance.net blog is about fostering your own productivity and creativity without burn out and undo stress. Making better decisions about how to use your time so you have more discretionary time to do the things you love to do. If you are an artist, you have more time to make art, singers will sing, dancers will dance, spelunkers will go spelunking, golfers will golf more! I have dedicated a good chunk of my life to understanding how priorities, goals, projects and tasks interact in real life. I am interested in all topics directly related to and tangential to balanced living and maintaining healthy attitudes about work and personal time.

The blog is for people who use our software, and even those who don’t. (yet?) It is a journey to share. We hope to keep you thinking, encouraged, and motivated to face your overwhelming to do list. Yoiks! That sounds very scary! But don’t worry, this will be fun…

I’m looking forward to exploring ideas to help you to keep both your left-brained busy self and your finicky right-brained “muse” happy! We’ll also try to share the kind of projects that make you smile.

My overarching theme is that your time and your to do list is your life. Might as well make the most of it and enjoy your days as much as you can. :-)

Relax… you are among friends.


  1. I am also a sailing instructor. I race Sunfish in the winter. I like Astronomy. I garden. I draw. I’m learning to play music. And I am interested in lots of other things too! ↩︎